“Vipassana,” in the Pali language means “clear seeing” or “seeing deeply.” My translation is more along the lines of “brain boot camp.” Each day of the Vipassana meditation retreat started with a gong at 04:00, followed by a smaller bell being tinkled outside of your room to ensure that you made it to the meditation… Read More

More pictures I thought about reporting on my Annapurna Circuit in a systematic, data rich, day by day manner, but decided I’d rather convey the anecdotes and experiences that stand out in my memory (these fall into 3 categories: The Approach, The Ascent, and The Exit). However, I do have notes on the day-to-day information… Read More

Note: due to ridiculously slow internet in Kathmandu, I will be posting full albums at a later date. Thailand in May… is hot. So hot. And humid. 25C became a mercifully cool (albeit infrequent) temperature. I understand why right now is not high season in Thailand and why one might tend toward beach destinations, where… Read More

More pictures Keywords: Patagonia, weather, hiking (shocking, right?), new friends As the sun rose on the morning of my departure from El Chalten, I was loathe to turn my back on another beautiful day in those mountains. However, I had a timeframe to keep – meeting my friend Sullivan in Ushuaia on March 15 meant… Read More

Key words: fiery poops, mountains, hiking, bus rides, discomfort, challenges More¬†Pictures Three weeks in and my experience has been a rocky one. “Fiery poops” was a hilarious play in Cards Against Humanity, but ”Travel: Week 1” taught me that the reality is far from humorous. (I highly recommend avoiding 8 hour bus rides when your… Read More