I just fell into the Instagram hole – scroll scroll double-tap scroll. As I blinked my way back to the real world I had a thought: no one ever takes sad selfies. That, or I don’t follow those people on Instagram. I follow adventurous outdoors-people, travelers, artists, creators. Their feeds are full of rad things,… Read More

My awesome friend and writer, Kristina, over at An Adventurous Life posed a question the other day: what 3 life decisions were pivotal to getting you to where you are now? She showed me hers, so I figured it was only fair to show her mine. It was kinda difficult to pick out on 3… Read More

I didn’t leave Seattle directly to South America. Instead, I stopped for a few days to celebrate Christmas and hang out with my surrogate family in Euless, Texas. My mom drove down from Indiana with my siblings to see me, which was amazing. It was a wonderful few days with family and friends. In my… Read More

The transition into a new phase of my life has begun. The massive event that heralded this phase was me receiving a Bonderman Fellowship. I’m so honored to have received this amazing fellowship to travel solo for 8-10 months to 8+ different countries in two different regions of the world. I’m not allowed to work… Read More