More pictures Mari and I descended on NW Thailand with one week to go before our respective flights, hers back to Washington and mine to Nepal. Disappointingly, Chiang Mai proved to be just as hot and sticky as NE Thailand. Such is life traveling in the off season. After a week in the less-traveled NE… Read More

Note: due to ridiculously slow internet in Kathmandu, I will be posting full albums at a later date. Thailand in May… is hot. So hot. And humid. 25C became a mercifully cool (albeit infrequent) temperature. I understand why right now is not high season in Thailand and why one might tend toward beach destinations, where… Read More

Note: in the interest of being more up-to-date with this blogging business, I’ve skipped postes about my last couple weekns in Chile and Argentina. I’ll slip those into corilives when they’re finished, and back date them accordingly. (You may call that cheating, but it’s my blog and I do what I want!) So… Thailand! Here… Read More