THIS is the face of idiot who is so delighted by snow that she doesn’t immediately stop ascending on her mountain bike ride. She may be prepared for a rainy ride, but snow and related temperatures were unexpected. THIS is a lucky idiot, who managed to make more good decisions than bad, and was rewarded… Read More

My birthday weekend was delightful, spent with friends, doing the things I love – skiing, biking, making terrible jokes, eating pizza. Delightful, but for the smoke. The smoke from a fire whose name I didn’t know, because it was far away and didn’t affect me. Until it did. I got home from birthday pizza, opened… Read More

It’s barely been two years since I moved to the mountains, but it feels like so much longer. That’s something I appreciate about this life – time seems to move more slowly when I’m focused on things that aren’t centered around an urban pattern of get up/go to work/come home/go to sleep. This list isn’t… Read More

Somewhere in there I climbed and descended almost 4000 feet of trail. The ride is this thing, but I did it counter-clockwise. plus the road section.  I was pooped. Then I cooled down and ate food, and got all happy and excited about my next ride. Now if only the high temps would stay below 70F…… Read More

My last couple of big-ish adventures didn’t really pan out like I expected. A little too much fun of the Type 2 variety, not quite enough Type 1. Skiing Adams (on 6/6) broke the cycle. Lots of things could’ve gone wrong. Nothing did. It was glorious. To start, I thought I might end up going solo. Not the… Read More

We had a plan. Leave Hood River at 7pm.  Arrive to trailhead at 11pm. Start hiking at 7am. Back to the car by 2pm. Back in Hood River before dark. Lots of smiles and corn and happy memories to show for our efforts. Instead, there was a fire. Meaghann and team got it out, but… Read More

You don’t know until you go, right? Reid and I had toured a couple high points a Crater Lake last spring (Garfield and Applegate = corn town!), and then ridden our bikes around it in September. There’s some neat terrain out there, so we decided to go around it on skis this spring. Theresa, always game… Read More

I just fell into the Instagram hole – scroll scroll double-tap scroll. As I blinked my way back to the real world I had a thought: no one ever takes sad selfies. That, or I don’t follow those people on Instagram. I follow adventurous outdoors-people, travelers, artists, creators. Their feeds are full of rad things,… Read More

My awesome friend and writer, Kristina, over at An Adventurous Life posed a question the other day: what 3 life decisions were pivotal to getting you to where you are now? She showed me hers, so I figured it was only fair to show her mine. It was kinda difficult to pick out on 3… Read More