More Pictures Key words: friends, food, stupidly good weather, hiking, mountains My Patagonia experience started in Argentina, in the city of El Calafate. The city itself was not much to write home about, but being there was fantastic nonetheless, largely because I met my Seattle friends Jim and Melissa there to start a week of… Read More

It seems strange to say that I haven’t had time for blogging while traveling, but by golly it feels true. And I’ve met other travelers who would agree with me… solidarity, yea! I guess in some ways my lack of time is a measure of how much more fun I’ve been having – I’m definitely… Read More

  Keywords: Cusco – my favorite Peruvian city, Spanish school, turning points, cute mammals, Machu Picchu More Pictures I really didn’t want to leave Cusco. But I’m supposed to be in Chile around the second week in February, and I still wanted to visit Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon. Here’s to another exercise in letting go. I… Read More

Key words: fiery poops, mountains, hiking, bus rides, discomfort, challenges More Pictures Three weeks in and my experience has been a rocky one. “Fiery poops” was a hilarious play in Cards Against Humanity, but ”Travel: Week 1” taught me that the reality is far from humorous. (I highly recommend avoiding 8 hour bus rides when your… Read More

Summary: food, new friends, culture shock, dancing, crazy traffic More pictures On NYE day, our hostel friend group went to the beach. My crowning accomplishment was not getting burned to a crisp. There was universal uncertainty about what to do in the evening. Fortunately, our hostel had a rooftop terrace and bar, so we ended… Read More

I didn’t leave Seattle directly to South America. Instead, I stopped for a few days to celebrate Christmas and hang out with my surrogate family in Euless, Texas. My mom drove down from Indiana with my siblings to see me, which was amazing. It was a wonderful few days with family and friends. In my… Read More