Hi, I’m Cori. I’m a midwest escapee and mountain sport junkie. My favorites are, in order, backcountry skiing, alpine (resort) skiing, mountain biking, trail running, road biking, and rock climbing. The Pacific Northwest is my adopted homeland. I’m currently working at a bike shop and adventuring out of Hood River, Oregon. IG: @corilives

Photo credit: Christy PellandA little more: I moved to Seattle for grad school, but instead of leaving with a PhD, I left with an MS and an intense love of skiing and the outdoors.  A newly minted grad, I tucked my diploma into storage and spent 2014 traveling.  When I returned to the PNW in 2015, I gave “starting a career” in my field a good hard shot. I wanted to join Team Sustainability and help educate the public about protecting our planet. In the process of failing to find that job, I worked part time and constantly bemoaned my lack of a car and distance from the mountains. Mostly I wanted to ski all the time. So in December 2015 I moved to Crystal Mountain, WA and began a new career as a ski bum. Seasonal work has its perks, including quick access to the mountains and periods of funemployment. While it’s not all faceshots and giggles, we don’t dwell on that. This blog is my story and opinion sharing outlet.

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