I didn’t leave Seattle directly to South America. Instead, I stopped for a few days to celebrate Christmas and hang out with my surrogate family in Euless, Texas. My mom drove down from Indiana with my siblings to see me, which was amazing. It was a wonderful few days with family and friends. In my true fashion, I was shoving things into my pack at the very last minute. We got to the airport 2 hours before my flight was scheduled to depart. There was a HUGE line at check in. Some questioning around by my surrogate parents revealed that my flight had been cancelled due to the active volcano in El Salvador, where I was supposed to lay over. Surprise! All of the nerves that had crept up on me in the hour leading up to arriving at the airport evaporated in light of this plot twist. Problem solving is a great distraction, although probably more so for me, since my travel is fairly flexible. We waited in more lines, postulating on my options. Long story short, they ended up putting me on a direct flight from Dalas to Lima. Win!

I arrived in Lima 7 hours ahead of schedule, and my hostel was great in accommodating my change of plans. I got to sleep around 4am, woke up and met some people at breakfast and then joined them for a wander around downtown Lima. It’s a city. I can’t say I’m very inspired by it. The fascinating part, as usual, are the people. What’s striking me most right now is my complete inability to communicate in the native language. It’s going to be an interesting learning curve, and I’m looking forward to it!

Downtown LimaRock doves in flight.

I'm not really sure...My Lima look... ¿bueno, si

Courtyard at the Monasterio de San Francisco Fun with bones in the catacombs of Monasterio de San Francisco.


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