I got four shots in my arm yesterday. After an hour of talking with the doctor at UW’s travel clinic, we decided on some vaccines to get me started with: Hep A,
Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, and polio. I also got an oral vaccine for typhoid, woo. Charlotte, the nurse who gave me the shots was an adorable older lady whose mannerisms (and haircut, honestly) reminded me of my dearly departed grandma, Bah. Charlotte game me apple juice and chocolate and talked at me the whole time ¬†she was poking me in the arm. It was honestly the least painful shot experience I can recall, and I only got shaky afterwards from the repressed anxiety at the situation. Mom would later tell me that I’d already been vaccinated for polio, but oh well. Booster! I woke up this morning feeling less than stellar, and decided to blame it on the live Yellow Fever vaccination (definitely not the 5 beers during/after Kyle’s slideshow at Second Ascent).

Talking to the travel clinic made the reality of this trip that much more poignant. I started looking at flights again today, this time with real intention. I have
to put together a more definitive travel plan and submit it to the fellowship office. Once they approve, I’ll get my first installment of monies to start buying
flights/gear/medications/insurance. EEK!!!

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