Saying goodbye to the Thack Shack

Roommates and lady loves

The transition into a new phase of my life has begun. The massive event that heralded this phase was me receiving a Bonderman Fellowship. I’m so honored to have received this amazing fellowship to travel solo for 8-10 months to 8+ different countries in two different regions of the world. I’m not allowed to work on anything toward my degree. These things are actual requirements of the fellowship. The basic goal is to explore, self-discover, and grow. I’m amazed that such a thing exists, and so ridiculously grateful to have received it.

I’m planning to leave for my travels in December 2013, but the transition starts now because my rental┬áhouse is being sold. I’ve had 2 wonderful years here on Thackeray Place: great roommates, an awesome landlord, and excellent location. But it’s time to move on, so in July I begin by transition into a nomadic lifestyle. I have July/August squared away with a place to stay, and a few options for September through November. I’m going to go with the flow. Oh, and I’ll be finishing a thesis masters in ChE in the mean time. It’s been difficult to start letting go of things and of the people I’ve shared so much time and experience with in this house. I’ve definitely been feeling the separation anxiety, but I view it as part of the journey to accepting and making peace with impermanence. There’s a quote by Jack Kornfield that I got from a friend, that has really stuck in my mind recently: “In the end, just three things matter: how well we have lived; how well we have loved; how well we have learned to let go.” The first two have such broad interpretations, but I believe the third is key. To achieve all 3 is what I aspire to. My ability to achieve these things is what I anticipate learning a LOT about in the next year and a half.

Tonight, I had dinner with my lovely roommates and my dear friend Maddy. We worked ourselves into contemplative states, as is our wont. We concluded, as many before us, that change is inescapable, that anticipation of change can often be worse than the change itself, and that knowing these things doesn’t make the change any easier!

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  • Cori I’m so excited for you! I had no idea how or why you were making this journey- what an amazing opportunity. I wish you a great journey! I spent 6 weeks wandering around Peru & Bolivia, so I’m excited to see where your travels take you.

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